About Minty’s Table

Hi! I’m Lauren, graphic designer by day (view my professional work here) and home cook, baker and ice cream maker by night. Minty’s Table is a collection of recipes accompanied by hand drawn illustrations. Our home is a place where multiple cultures coexist, and many of the recipes on Minty’s Table celebrate our family’s Singaporean, Jewish, and Italian American heritages.

What is Minty’s?

Minty’s is the name of a fictitious restaurant I created as a four-year-old. I cooked in the kitchen while my sister would graciously play both the roles of maître d’ and server. The very first dinner at Minty’s occurred the evening my mother came home from the hospital after my sister was born. My dad made angel hair pasta and pomodoro sauce—I most likely just stirred the sauce! Since then, Minty’s has flourished and followed us around the country. Many birthdays and anniversaries continue to be celebrated at Minty’s.

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